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GPS study of the geodynamics of the Baltic shield

The project is carried out by the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (Russian Academy of Sciences) since 1999.

The aim of the project is the study of the post-glacial rebound of the Baltic shield.

The main tasks of the project are to expand the network of international GPS stations eastwards and to increase the accuracy of the estimations of the secondary rebound rates obtained from levelling surveys by using GPS.

As the result of processing several epochs of observations together with points in Finland and Sweden, the rates of horizontal movements in the ITRF world system were obtained. On the basis of the levelling data and the GPS data it was established that the rebound rate near Valaam Island is anomalously high (7 mm/year), exceeding by far the values obtained from the extrapolation of the levelling data.

The comparison of the instrumentally determined rates at the points situated closely to each other allows a conclusion that this anomalously high rate is determined not only by the isostatic post-glacial rebound of the Baltic shield but also by the present-day tectonic activity near Valaam.

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