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Ecological state of the Valaam Archipelago water area under undisturbed conditions and under anthropogenic load

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University since 2003.

The aim of the project is to assess the structure of freshwater ecosystems of the Valaam Archipelago under natural conditions and under conditions of anthropogenic load.

The main tasks of the project are to perform the zoning of the water area of the Archipelago according to the indices of hydrobionts' communities and a complex of limnological parameters, and to assess its ecological state.

Considerable attention is given to the study of the Monastyrskaya Bay, which is subjected to the greatest anthropogenic impact (dumping of household waste water and bilge water of small vessels and tourist motorships of the "river-lake" class, the pollution from the loading wharf). Regularities revealed in the course of the project are used in prognostication and planning of nature conservation activities in the Nature Park, in preparation of educational programmes (lectures, excursions in the nature etc.), as well as in preparation of the exhibition of the Nature Museum of the Northern Ladoga region and the Valaam Archipelago.

From 2003 to 2005 the project was financially supported by the "Russian Universities" programme of the Scientific and Information-Methodological Centre "BASIS" of the Russian Ministry of Education.

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