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Bays of the Valaam Archipelago as a model object for indicating the state of the deep-water part of Lake Ladoga

The project is carried out in collaboration with the Russian State Hydrometeorological University and the Institute of Limnology of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1998.

The aim of the project is to study the functioning of the ecosystems in the bays at the Ladoga shore of the Archipelago differing as to their hydrological regime.

The project is focused on observations on the thermal and hydrochemical regime of the bays, as well as on the study of planktonic, benthic and macrophytic communities.

The data obtained became the basis for the ecosystems' inventory of the "Valaam Archipelago" Nature Park. Regularities revealed in the course of the project are used in prognostication and planning of nature conservation activities in the Nature Park.

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