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Bibliography of natural scientific studies at the Valaam Archipelago and in the Northern Ladoga region

The natural unique features of the Valaam Archipelago The first publication about the nature of the Archipelago islands and its water area dates back to 1875. At present, Valaam ecosystems can be said to be studied quite well. It should be emphasized that the research conducted in the water area of the Archipelago is important for the study of Lake Ladoga in general.

The bibliography aims to promote further study of the Archipelago and the northern part Lake Ladoga. The bibliography may be useful for historical reconstruction of natural processes, for planning interdisciplinary field research and field experiments, as well as for the development of nature conservation measures

The bibliography comprises over 500 sources arranged in topical order; in the end there is a name index (PDF, 108 KB). The bibliography consists of the following sections:

  1. Natural and cultural landscapes of the Valaam Archipelago: history and present-day state. (Physical-geographical characteristic of the Valaam Archipelago)
  2. History of natural scientific studies (PDF, 122 KB)
  3. Geology
  4. Littoral zone of the Valaam Archipelago and the adjoining water area of Lake Ladoga
  5. Inner lakes of the Valaam Archipelago (PDF, 162 KB)
  6. Soils
  7. Vegetation
  8. Fauna
  9. Scientific basis of the nature conservation activities at Valaam Archipelago

Section 4, devoted to the littoral zone, is represented by the greatest number of publications, The section comprises 9 subdivisions, e.g. on chemical composition of water and bottom sediments, on hydrology and meteorology, on the main biological communities, on the Ladoga ringed seal, etc.

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