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About the Centre

ValaamThe Scientific Research Centre (SRC) "Valaam" organises, conducts and coordinates field research at the Valaam Archipelago.

The main aim of the SRC "Valaam" is the study of the ecosystems of the Valaam Archipelago and the adjoining water area of Lake Ladoga. An important task of the Centre is to promote original research of schoolchildren and students specialising in natural sciences.

The SRC "Valaam":

  • carries out complex projects, including monitoring ones, devoted to the study of the ecosystems of the Valaam Archipelago and the adjoining water area of Lake Ladoga;
  • promotes the research work of scientific groups and individuals;
  • carries out joint projects with other scientific and educational establishments;
  • participates in Russian and international ecological programmes and executes government contracts for hydrometeorological, hydrobiological and ecological-geochemical observations;
  • coordinates research efforts at the Valaam Archipelago and in the northern Ladoga region;
  • conducts scientific seminars;
  • provides the base for field practice of students and scientists.

The Centre was organised by the decision of the Scientific Council of the St. Petersburg Naturalists' Society (SPNS) in the November of 1998 as a separate subdivision of the Society. The Centre's activities are guided by the regulations of SPNS and the provision concerning the Centre.

The SCR "Valaam" was founded by the members of the "Valaam Expedition", a section of the SPNS. At present, the section organises scientific seminars on eco-geographical and biological aspects of the functioning of the Valaam Archipelago ecosystems.

The first expedition to Valaam was launched by the students' scientific society of the Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences of the Leningrad State University in 1987. In 1989 the expedition acquired the status of a scientific section of the SPNS. Starting from 1995, the expedition was joined by researchers from several institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and other scientific research organisations. This made it possible to considerably extend the scope of the research undertaken in the expedition and to raise the research quality. A potential for a complex study of the Valaam Archipelago was created.

For the first three years of its existence, the Centre collaborated closely with the "Valaam" hydrometeorological station, whose utility rooms housed the Centre's laboratory and field kitchen. Later the Centre began to develop its own field base on the territory of the protected zone of the meteostation. Summer field laboratories and a field kitchen were constructed and equipped. On this basis, scientific research was performed and field practice for students and schoolchildren was conducted. In 2005, the construction of the laboratory building belonging to the Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RSHU) started at a site adjoining the meteostation. The building was partly put in operation in 2008. In the same year, the Educational-Scientific Station of the RSHU was founded. The main tasks of the Station, which is a structural subdivision of RSHU, are organisational support of the field practice of the RSHU students and scientific research at the Valaam Archipelago, Lake Ladoga and the northern Ladoga region with the participation of students and post-graduate students. In accordance with the Agreement between the organisations, the members of the Centre can use the Station's laboratories for research work.

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